Jack Porteous is currently undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship at iTech. We caught up with Jack to hear more about his experience and the opportunities it has provided for him.

‘I began my Modern Apprenticeship with iTech in 2019 and it has been both challenging and enjoyable. I started iTech with very little experience of programming, but everyone has supported me whenever I felt as though I was struggling! One of the things I appreciate iTech for is the ability to find complimentary courses for me to go to enhance my knowledge on the latest and upcoming technology. Everyday there is something new to learn in this field of work!

The skills that I have gained from iTech has mostly been from working onsite and helping all areas of the job such as the Electricians, Mechanical engineers and of course Control engineers. I have supported in work with companies such as Scottish Water, Diageo, Spirit and Merck. I have also got the knowledge to program a Collaborative Robot made by Techman, this is something that I never thought I’d be able to do but iTech made that happen for me. When I’m not onsite I’m at the office helping the engineers whenever they’re needing an extra pair of hands but also just watching what they’re doing. One day a week I go to college where I’m working towards my HNC Electrical Engineering where I’ll hopefully carry this into University!

At the moment my practical learning has took a huge step back due to the impact of coronavirus! This is understandable during this time and we are hopeful that work returns to a more normal state. The support and opportunities iTech has giving me so far in my career is unbelievable.’

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