The Background.

The project was to build two completely modular buildings and assemble them on site. A fully interactive digital twin was created early in the design process.

The Client:

Our client is a large blue chip pharmaceutical company

The Solution.

Our client was positively benefited by using our Digital Twin of the device to design and manufacture a key safety component saving numerous hours and promoting a right first-time approach to project delivery and mitigating any problems.  Cost and re-design savings achieved by spotting equipment clashes and maintenance / installation problems at an early stage of the project. Aspects such as ergonomics or manual handling issues can be spotted long before the project build starts. Changes to digital twin can be made quickly to support all aspects of project Design->Build->Train->Maintain. The digital twin lives long beyond the project phase and can be used for the complete lifecycle of the project including eventual decommissioning.

The Benefits.

Drastically reduced wasted engineering hours, redesign and potential lost material or product as well as significant cost and time 

Circa £100,000 savings in project costs

>£10,000 savings in travel costs

<10% material wastage