The Background.

Uptime is of key importance to them as the products they supply do not have an infinite lifespan. Problems with plant failing prematurely was resulting in unplanned downtime, spoiled product and lost revenue. 

The Client:

Our client is a global dairy supplier with 9 large production facilities in the UK

The Solution.

Wireless and non-intrusive sensors collate asset information in very wet and humid environments. Data is collected within an edge device and real time algorithms used to determine asset status related to operating parameters to allow early flag of key equipment failure. 

The Benefits.

Each site solution could easily connect to all key assets and provide a very flexible top end depicting specifically what each area and site required on the selected graphic interface.  User refined reporting was generated, allowing stakeholders the ability to react to the information collated and thus improve equipment availability and uptime.

>100 downtime hours saved

>£1m downtime savings

< 10 month ROI